Akagami Rion
Name Akagami Rion
Birthday May 27
Age 15 years old
Gender Female
Height 155 cm.
Measurements 90-56-88
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Affiliation Team Akira
Previous Affiliation Star of the Gymnastics club
Partner Sengoku Akira
Personal Status
Status Single
Family Structure Father
Likes Cleaning ears
Taking baths
Dislikes Caterpillars
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Akagami Rion is 15 years old and one of the protagonists of the series


When Rion was a little girl, she ran away from home because she was upset with her father who'd promised to take her to an amusement park but was no longer able to due to work. Her family and friends all went looking for her, including a relucatant Sengoku Akira, who found her hiding in an empty upturned trashcan. She refused to go home and he ended up to spend the day with her.

It began to get late, Rion and Akira found an old car that had long broken down and been left to rust. Inside, they pretended to drive wherever they wished, and found refuge from the storm outside. Akira gave her a pair of ribbons, and they fell asleep in the car.

In the morning the two returned and got scolded by their parents. Rion then told Akira she was going use ribbons in her hair from then onward, and she wore them ever since. Before leaving, Rion asked if Akira wanted her to be his bride. Before he could answer, she said one condition to that was he would always have to find her.


The StoryEdit

Abilities and skillsEdit

Rion is the gymnastic star of her school, skilled in various forms of gymnastics though her skills are rarely seen throughout the story.