Living Period

50-57 million years ago


North America Europe


2.15 - 2.50 m

Diatryma is the first extinct animal that appears on the series


The Diatryma (now known as the Gastornis) is a prehistoric bird that flourished right after the extinction of the dinosaurs. The bird had degenerated wings, meaning that it couldn't take flight. With a large head and hooked shaped beak, it could run at speeds of 70km/hr. It hunted by dashing towards and kicking its prey. Back then it was one of the most fearsome mammals.

Mariya's NotesEdit

  • Normally, Diatryma is supposed to live in the grasslands. However in this island, it also roams the forests.
  • Bringing the flight attendant back to its nest was probably a way of showing its affection to another.
  • It's one of those types that gives "presents" to the girls.