Airi is the elder twin sister of Kairi Narumi with whom she is very close and they share an empathic connectyion as twins siblings.


Airi is of average height and closely resembles her brother since they are twins. She is seen with short black hair cut of just abover her chin with her hair parted in the middle. She is relatively petite.


Airi is shown as a gentle girl. Throughout the manga she is seen acting in a soft spoken way. She is shown as realtively shy but will speak her mind when needed. She worries about her classmates and especially her brother although her brother seems to be the one protecting and caring for Airi during animal attacks. She and her twin brother share a close bond and it is revealed that they both want the same thing: To make it back home to Japan in time for their birthday to not make their mother worry anymore

Abilities And SkillsEdit

She and her brother are believed to share a link, supposedly each twin knows if the other is dead or alive even when far apart. This bond is proven to be real throughout the manga. Airi is also seen bravely attacking and defending herself among the other classmates when needed.