Yuki hands on hips

Sakuma Yuki was the class president in Sengoku Akira's class, and back then was always on his case. She is a friend of Akagami Rion but also sees her as a rival because Yuki secretly has a crush on Sengoku.


Sakuma Yuki has long black hair and slight side bangs. Her bangs are kept out of her face by a series of bobby pins. Yuki like most of the girls is petite. She is of average height and is sometimes described by guys as "cute"


Yuki is shown to be quite bossy and naggy when in the presence of Sengoku. Around others she is usually quite kind and understanding as well as supportive. She is usually seen as a happy and cheerful person and sometime will act with a figure of authority since she was the class president. Since she is known to have a secret crush on Sengoku she will sometimes blush and act shy around him. Yuki will also regulate a tough and scary attitude when faced with and enemy.

Abilities and skillsEdit

Yuki is known to be a very smart girl and has again and again proven to be worth her title as class president. Her knowledge was shown when she along with others explored inside the "pyramids" and she was the first to relate a figure of blocks to dna molecule figurines